Membership is open to any person interested in the purposes of the Association. In applying for membership applicants shall submit to the Association completed application forms. They shall become members when their applications are approved by the Executive Committee, and when they have paid their membership fees. Membership fees paid shall not be recoverable. 

Members are entitled

  1. to attend meetings;
  2. to elect, be elected, propose and vote;

  3. to implement and participate in activities organized by the Association; and

  4. to enjoy all facilities provided by the Association.

(a). Having regard to the admission criteria in (b) below, the categories of membership are:

  • Fellow (designation as FHKPAA),
  • Member (designation as MHKPAA), and Student Member.

(b). The admission criteria of the members in (a) shall be:



Fellows shall be nominated by the Executive Committee. A member shall be eligible to apply to the Executive Committee for nomination as a Fellow if he/she fulfils the following requirements:-

  • He/She has been a Member of HKPAA for not less than 3 years,
  • He/She is able to satisfy the Executive Committee that he/she is a fit and proper person to become a Fellow, both in respect of his own character and in respect of the position he holds;

Provided that the Executive Committee shall have the right to waive the requirement set out in (a) above as the Executive Committee may in its absolute discretion thinks fit.


Any person who satisfies the Executive Committee that he is a fit and proper person to become a Member may apply to the Executive Committee to join as a Member. In determining whether a person is fit and proper, the opinion of the Executive Committee shall be final and conclusive.



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